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Susan approaches the HOSPITAL and JOSH BOYFRIEND, a male Earth human who is handsome like an F-22 jet fighter, greets her. JOSH BOYFRIEND: Hello Susan! You must be the new nurse. Welcome to this hospital--you will fit right in with the rest of us humans from here on Earth.

☆ Welcome! ☆

I am escaping social media hell by returning to the Old Ways. I guess I want this to be like, my "hub" or whatever. My shitty little personal sandbox.

For now this will be a pretty empty place, but eventually this will be a unnavigable labyrinthian nightmare.

I haven't drawn much since the beginning of 2020, but I think I'll be setting up some sort of gallery here. I have some pretty neat ideas about how I want to present my art in the context of a custom web page and look forward to making themed installations.

Update Log:
10.01.22 Updated Posca Guide.
09.05.22 Added some links.
06.23.22 Playing with fonts, minor changes.
06.07.22 First Art Gallery page up! Pokemon 151 is a collection of (mostly) old art.
06.05.22 Added Art page! There's just a placeholder/preview image right now, but I'll be adding a selection of "Featured" pieces with a list of gallery subpages. The first one should be up really soon! I also added my Shop link to the Nav bar, I have a lots of stickers and postcard size prints if you're into that kind of thing.
06.04.22 Tiny edits here and there.
06.01.22 Playing around with colors.
05.27.22 Added a 88x31 button for folks to link to me. I'll make a better one later.
05.25.22 New header! A few edits here and there.
05.23.22 Added blinkies and stamps to About page.
05.22.22 Added RSS feed. Updates will be less frequent (maybe once a month) but will include a copy of Update Log items.
05.19.22 Some minor and invisible updates. Experimenting.
05.17.22 I've joined The Yesterweb! Added some more links. Started my About page! Moved some things around.
05.14.22 Minor layout edits. Started Links page.
05.12.22 We're looking a little prettier now.
05.10.22 Minor edits.
05.09.22 Error correction. Improved mobile formatting. Scroll added to update box. Accessibilty edits.
05.08.22 Cleaned up code. Improved formatting. Updated Posca Guide Google Sheet.
05.07.22 Links I threw into the Nav bar have been relocated to side bar. Improved formatting on Posca Guide.
05.05.22 Added page Posca Guide and temporarily placed in Nav bar.
05.03.22 Added background, adjustments, and cleaned up some code.
04.25.22 Changed some little things.
04.21.22 There's a weird header now. Wow.
12.12.21 Added page FreeImg and temporarily put in Nav bar.
12.10.21 Added content. Invisible tweaks.
12.09.21 Start log. Hello! I've got my base formatting down, so I'm starting to populate the homepage.

A black icon with only glowing green cat eyes and a big sharp toothy grin.
Fuzz ⚧
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