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Hello I am Fuzz.

I'm honestly a bit of a lurker and don't interact much, but feel free to contact me. I have a slow, unstable net connection, please be gentle.

I'm an artist, I guess. I've been taking a break from drawing that's lasted longer than expected. It's alright though because I'm having fun learning new things!

I'm really passionate about practical self-sustainability, gardening, cooking, etc. I like learning new things, how stuff works, how to make things myself.

Free Your Mind a computer can never be held accountable bats on red background Live by the sword, Die by the sword. a glitched blinkie be gay do crime I gaze at stars Only the paranoid survive ANOTHER Internet Loser GAME OVER I love Halloween reality is the leading cause of stress Heavy Metal Whore green cat eyes on black background GOBLIN send me your teeth Biohazard Slave to the cat ufo Two trucks having sex, Two trucks having sex, My muscles, My muscles, INVOLUNTARILY FLEX, yeahyeahyeYAEHEHEHEAAA Monster High Tree hugging dirt Worshipper lightly toasted skull and crossbones You are not Alone MY BACK HURTS!!!! FREAK SHOW Beware of attack cat

two tiny rotating pixel hearts[ANIMATION]two tiny rotating pixel hearts
Transformers, Monster High, Studio Trigger, Precure, Pripara, Aikatsu, Lain, JoJo's, Yuusha Series (JDecker, GaoGaiGar), Sailor Moon

two tiny rotating pixel hearts[GAMES]two tiny rotating pixel hearts
pixel art of Gamecube Pokemon, Persona, Animal Crossing, Zelda, Dota2, Fire Emblem, MapleStory, Darkest Dungeon, The Last Spell, Enter The Gungeon, Dohna Dohna

I dig cemeteries I LOVE Monsters Corrupted FUCK animated rainbow, Suck my Dick, Bitch skeleton hand giving the finger pastel space labeled Pantone 2562C Stardust Metalocolypse black and pink ouija board multicolor neon melting animation stamp of Lisa Frank pink kitten and yellow lab neon Gloomy bear Queer Villain gif of a knife being pulled from a pocket stamp of glow in the dark stars I love bats losing interest in everything Cringe Culture is DEAD

A black icon with only glowing green cat eyes and a big sharp toothy grin.
Fuzz ⚧
embrace the moon
30+ | Pisces | INTJ
(any pronouns)
Find Me @
two tiny rotating pixel hearts
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- compuper
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☀️ Energy
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- cat Piracy Now! I like computer. Implement RSS Now I support Right to Repair always wear your programming socks purple Pokemon button with running Pikachu Powered by Bob, with rotating 3d model of Bob the cat from Animal Crossing up all night crush capitalism