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Pokemon 151

2008 - Current

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Waaay back in 2008 I decided to draw Every pokemon. Nothing serious, just a quick daily doodle kind of thing. I ended up losing my momentum. Somewhere toward the end of Gen 1 I decided to do them a little differently, but my goal became just to finish. Actually, I still haven't finished, I'm only missing Mew and Mewtwo.

I still like a good many of these, even if they weren't meant to be anything special. I feel like the process pushed my skills just the right amount.

Most of these were drawn in Oekaki or Photoshop, later entries Paint Tool SAI. Because I started with dementions of 300x300px I have decided to maintain that for the purposes of this page; the full-sized pieces can (probably) be found elsewhere in the gallery.

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