☀️ Solar Energy Link List ☀️

I orginally made this list for myself (baby diy developer), as a folder full of bookmarks was becoming unruly. A lot of these links are going to be specific to the US or the Midwest/Great Lakes area, but there should still be plenty of useful stuff no matter where you are in the world. Residential systems aren't really my wheelhouse and I personally am not a fan of batteries, but I've tried to add some good info for those interested.


Unbound Solar - Detailed DIY Guide
How to Install Ground-Mounted Panels
Down to Earth Homesteaders - Solar Guide
DIY OffGrid Solar - Great Youtube Video
SolarInsure - Insurance for Residential & Providers

Calculators & Design Tools

PVWatts Calculator
System Advisor Model (SAM)
SolarEdge Designer
Solar Project Builder - Solar Finance Simulator
IronRidge Design Assistant
Lyra - Design Tool & Permit Packages
Optimal Tilt Angle Calculator
Roof Pitch Calculator - DEAD?
Sun Position Calculator
NOAA Solar Calculator
Useful Forms and Worksheets

System Design

Unbound Solar - String Sizing
NEC 310.15 Ampacity Temp Chart
Fuses Explained - For Battery Systems


Solar ABCs
NEC Youtube
OSHA Regulations
Fire Codes
International Building Codes
CFR Wage Rate and Apprentice Regs

Projects & Events

MREA Energy Fair - Custer, WI
Grow Solar - Group Buys in IL, WI


Tracking the Sun - Berkeley Lab Yearly Report
Solar Bulder - News & Yearly Buyers Guides
Solar Power World - News
list.solar - News & Manu Directory?

Info for Residential

Planning a Home System
EnergySage - Get Quotes
PPA's Explained
PPA vs Solar Lease
Solar Lease Pros and Cons

Info for State & Schools

Energy.gov State and Local Solution Center
Energy.gov State Energy Program


Free & Self-Study

The Engineering Mindset - Electric & HVAC

NABCEP Aprroved

IronRidge FREE Courses
heatspring - All Clean Energy Certs
MREA Courses
CareerSafe - OSHA 10

Jobs & Careers



NREL Photovoltaic Research
IREC Interstate Renewable Energy Council
SEIA Solar Energy Industries Association
National Weather Service
US Energy Info Administration
EIA Interactive Infrastructure Map
USDA GeoSpacial Data Gateway - Topo and Soil Info
Energy Community Map
Poverty Area Map
SAM.gov Wage Determinations
SolarDat UOregon SunChart Program - DEAD?


Tax Rebates & Gov Grants

DSIRE Database
How to Apply for USDA REAP Grant
Federal Credit for Business - Detailed, PTCvsITC, Bonuses
PACE - Commercial/Residential Funding
Commercial Energy Effeciency Deduction

Private Grants

DRK Foundation
Carolyn Foundation
Anderson Rogers Foundation
Beim Foundation

Investment Platforms

Raise Green - Fund and Get Funded
Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform(seems like bullshit)

Equipment Suppliers


Baywa r.e. - Commercial Split-pay Financing
Trinasolar - Panels, Batts, Tracking
Solar Pathfinder - Measurement Tool


CanadianSolar Factory Direct


Inverter Supply
Soligent - Inverter Page
SolarHub - Inverter Page


FlexRack - Fixed Ground & 1-Axis
Solar Foundations - Fixed Ground and Carports
APA Solar Tracking
K2 Systems - Roof-Mount
FTC Solar - 1-Axis Tracking & Software
Kern Solar Structures - Carports

Cable Management

CAB Solar
Affordable Wire Management
Snake Tray

Recycling & End of Life