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Banana Bread



This is a pretty forgiving recipe, good for beginners.
I do this all in one mixing bowl, just put the ingredients in the order listed.
The original directions say to grease the pan, but lining it works better and is easier to clean.
I've made this as two smaller loaves and as muffins before, start checking on them at 45 minutes.
I really think the sour cream is the secret sauce that really makes this recipe better than other banana breads.


I usually use rolled oats instead of walnuts and also sprinkle some on top.
I've also just made it without nuts or oats and it's turned out fine.
I've successfully replaced the half the sugar with maple syrup, fully replacing it didn't turn out as well.
I've tried to do 3 bananas but it comes out a bit mushy/chunky for my taste.